Purchasers asking Suppliers on what to buy is answered usually solely from the suppliers perspective in wanting to make the sale, this is usually not congruent with a purchasers best outcome.

It is hard today to figure out which is the best technology for your company and it is even rarer these days where there is only one potential supplier.

That is where The Lab comes in.

How do you get a fair evaluation and good advice on what to use? Talk to those that can evaluate a number of Products & Services on your behalf, The Lab Cairns.

Your profit depends on best choice from a broader comparitive anonymous position. We can evaluate and even meet with potential suppliers maintaining a unique third party perspective..

It is easier to consider new suppliers and the attributes of current ones in a blind study. The Blind allows us to adopt a position for a full 360 where new thinkings can be uncovered that are sometimes difficult to see when current entrenched behaviours render them invisible.

Current Evaluations

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Insurance (StartUp Culture)