System Design

"Physicists analyze systems. Web scientists, however, can create the systems."
- Tim Berners-Lee

As you succeed and your project grows, development of efficient and stable systems is what ensures high quality in all that your organization does. Your participants need reliability and consistency. And that, more than any logo, is your belief.

The Lab is organised to help you develop your ecosystem for best results at lowest effort, lower costs. Factors include:

• Data collection and organisation

• Converting collected data into knowledge

• Achieving simplicity

• Identifying recurring instances of wasted time, effort, or energy

• Knowing your organisation and its people

• Understanding your participants’ experience

• Suggesting improvements to enhance and improve all the relationships that go into your project

A philosophy of good organic system design is best when applied to real circumstances and real people.

And, once the design is established, we help train your people so any changes are smooth and
agreeable. This brings about good results, and helps with everything from participant satisfaction aiding their retention.

And, you learn the process of analysis and change that optimises and plays to your evolving strengths that ensures you stay in the game, you make the best play.

This is a work/play day today